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Hi there


I didn't pick up a camera and instantly become hooked on photography as soon as I started walking. Let's be real. I'm all about being genuine, and I hope that is reflected in my photography style. I want you to look back on your timeless photos, and not think, "Ew, what were we thinking?" because your photo looks like it has the worst Instagram filter on it. Like sepia tone.....or an awful 80's hairstyle.  I honestly have always (since I can remember anyway) had a strong passion for documenting. There's just something amazing about capturing an ephemeral moment forever. A way of  artistically freezing time. That's why I'm a photographer. Also, I make money working from home most of the time. That's cool too.


My world

Eva Rain


So, I definitely won't bore you with my life story, but if you really do want to know more about me, here are the cliff's notes...

I am...

  • A nerd. Super Nerd. Space exploration junkie. Science. Sci-fi...all that stuff. 
  • A mom. Super Mom. She's a tiny snot-nosed punk, and also the love of my life. 
  • An animal (cat) lover. I'm allergic, but whatever.
  • A spaghetti fiend. I could eat it every day. I won't....but I could.
  • An ICEE addict. Coke. 
  • An introvert. So that's all I'm going to write.  I'll tell you just about anything if you ask though (not like my                                                    social security number or anything).